Zen Pup Calming Dental Stick

Zen Pup Calming Dental Stick


Made in Co. Wicklow  


• Prebiotic digestive aid

• Naturally calming

• Grain-free-Low-sugar


Calming Dental Chew’s texture helps to reduce plaque, promote healthy teeth & gums, and so much more… Our 100% natural calming ingredients (hemp, chamomile, and valerian root) help to alleviate separation anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability, and reduce stress-related to loud noises


100% Recycleable packaging.


    Insect-based, functional dog treats that are great for the planet and great for your dog.

    The first Irish company to produce insect-based pet products and we are the first company worldwide to produce cricket-based dental sponges and calming chews. To our knowledge, Pup Pup’s Top Pup Prebiotic Microbiome Booster & Nutritional Meal Topper is the first cricket-based nutritional meal topper in any market worldwide.

  • SIZE

    182g / 7 Sticks