FURminator Long Hair S

FURminator Long Hair S


The FURminator long hair small dog is the newest innovation in the shedding solutions industry.


It is designed for dogs up to 9kg in weight, who have a coat length greater than 5cm.


This deshedding tool helps greatly to get rid of loose hair from your dog and home.


    This tool removes loose hair from the dog whilst also removing excess undercoat. Each dog varies on the amount of hair it sheds depending on age or breed but one thing that will not change is the FURminator.

    By using the FURminator tool you can remove the hairs that are ready to shed with minimal effort.

    As a grooming accessory the FURminator will become your best friend when trying to keep that excess hair off your floor and car.

    It's simple to use and will keep your canine friends fur in pristine condition and can reduce shedding by up to 90%.