Flexi Neon M Blue

Flexi Neon M Blue


Increase your visibility at night time or in fading light with the flexi Neon Reflect dog lead. This retractable dog lead is 5m long when fully extended so your dog has plenty of freedom and you are still able to keep it under control.


The bright neon yellow lead and casing will help to keep you visible and safe when nights get dark.


The Neon Reflect retractable dog lead is of the usual great quality you would expect from flexi. It is well-made and very durable. The casing is bright yellow and black and the ergonomic handle is pleasant to hold.


The lead has a black reflecting band running through it. It rolls smoothly in and out of the casing without twisting or getting caught. flexi leads are never slack as the lead always has sufficient tension.


When your dog walks closer to you, the lead retracts into the handle. The integrated braking system with handy stop lock engages with a simple push of the thumb, locking the lead at the length of your choice, making it easy to keep your dog under control, In addition to a dog collar, always use the safety loop provided. Should the collar snap, the safety loop avoids the tape rebounding, which may result in injury.


The name flexi stands for premium quality retractable dog leads.


    The flexi Neon Reflect Retractable Dog Lead at a glance:

    • Retractable 5m tape dog lead
    • Black & neon yellow
    • Casing sides and dog lead: Neon yellow for high visibility
    • Sturdy casing
    • With thumb lock and permanent lock, so that you can limit the length of lead
    • Safety loop to prevent injury from lead rebounding if the collar should snap
    • Chrome plated snap hook
    • Made in Germany
    • Black casing with neon yellow sides. Neon yellow tape with reflecting strip on tape
    • Material: Plastic casing with polyamide tape
    • Tape lead:
    • 5 metre lead
    • For dogs up to max. 25kg
    • Product weight: approx. 300g