Comfort Walk Air Harness

Comfort Walk Air Harness


The Comfort Walk Air harness from DOG Copenhagen is a light and robust everyday harness produced from durable dirt and water-repellent materials with soft breathable padding. 



  • Comfortable everyday harness that is easy to adjust and take on the dog
  • Aluminum bracket for easy and practical opening / closing of the neck strap
  • Four adjustment points for optimal adaptation to the individual dog
  • Soft breathable padding around chest, back and abdomen for comfortable daily use
  • Two line fastening options - one centrally on the back and one on the chest
  • Ergonomic design gentle on the dog's back and neck regions
  • Effective 3M ™ reflective trim for increased visibility in the dark hours
  • Aluminum hardware - nothing on the harness can rust
  • Separate attachment for dog tags
  • Designed in Demark

    The harness is easy to adjust and put on and comfortable for the dog to use during all kinds of movement. 

    A smart aluminum bracket allows for easy and practical opening of the harness around the neck for the benefit of dogs who do not like to have a harness pulled over their head.